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The Police Are Available Round-The-Clock. So Are We.

Criminal law is different. If your case goes poorly, you don't merely lose your case — you can lose your liberty. At Solomon & Peter, LLP, our attorneys understand this above all else. Because of that, we pour every part of our knowledge and experience as lawyers into your defense.

We only take criminal cases; while we handle misdemeanors and felonies, we focus our practice on serious felonies. We take the difficult, complex cases some attorneys might avoid. Our focus means we can provide great depth when building your defense. With our attorneys, you are receiving nearly 25 years of criminal practice experience. We are in court, filing suppression motions and trying cases on a daily basis.

"I highly recommend this office above the rest. The attorneys are diversified in their tactics, utilizing a wealth of knowledge in the law, to ensure that justice is served."

 - Josie Campbell, 2016

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We Handle Our Phone Calls

When you call for a criminal defense attorney, your need is likely critical. You may have just been arrested and you are correctly exercising your Fifth Amendment right to counsel by calling for an attorney. We are responsive and ready to help you defend your rights and build an aggressive defense, for any criminal charges.

Our attorneys work together on every case, so you always receive the advantage of our many years of experience. Every criminal case is different, so by using a team-approach and working together, you gain the benefit of having two experienced criminal defense attorneys reviewing your matter. And our responsiveness ensures you always know the status of your case and can contact us with questions.

Remember, Speak With Us, Not The Police

We represent clients with criminal charges in the cities and counties surrounding Kansas City, Missouri.

If you have been arrested, you may be lost and unsure of what to do next. It is imperative that you not engage in speaking with the police. Politely ask for an attorney and do not speak until one arrives. The police are always at work trying to make you confess or make incriminating statements. Do not help them. Call us at 816-945-8730 or contact us by email.

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